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'This is the first professionally recorded debut EP from the up-and-coming British/South African band 'Goldust', a group who have been making waves in the London underground music scene for the last couple of years. They haven't been afraid to merge retro riffs and heavy bass lines with a more modern and melodic feel, which in all gives Goldust their hard-edge yet contemporary sound.


Straight from the get-go, the EP starts off with a heavy bass line provided by Josh Lloyd. Soon enough Dan Wilcox, the lead guitarist and singer, plays a screeching yet enchanting lead part which as a listener already has you hooked in. Sven Steyn (rhythm guitar) and Ronnie Punter (drums) then come crashing in, and from there the band thrash out a superb punk rock track called 'Wastelands'.


As the EP expands, the band show off a diverse range of musical styles and influences. From 'Desires', which has probably the catchiest chorus melody the album has to offer, to 'Better Days', a track filled with poetic meaning, the album is a brilliantly executed display of musical depth and ability. More than anything else, the band clearly do not waste time making music that isn't catchy. Every guitar part, every thumping bass line, every vocal melody has a hook to it. They are brilliant songwriters who are only at the start of their careers and seem to have still so much more to offer.'


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MySongBro Review of EP Single ‘Desires’


‘Lyrics were well-worded, poetic and descriptive. I like them a lot here; I thought they were great… It’s poetic, bold and thought-provoking.


Catchy chorus, energetic rhythm, skilful guitar parts… it’s a great arrangement. I liked it a lot. Impressive.


Overall… remarkable lyrics, impressive instrumentation and solid sound quality.’